Rent Payments

Rent Payments

When we purchased the property or you were granted a new lease, our appointed managing agent will have contacted you, informing you how to make a payment of any sums relating to rent, service charge and insurance as applicable, according to the stipulations in your lease.

Rent Payments

You will either pay your rent weekly, monthly or quarterly on the English Quarter Days or Scottish Quarter Days. Check your lease carefully to verify the appropriate due dates.

You can pay your rent either by:

  • Cheque to your managing agent; or
  • Direct Debit — a simple method to ensure rent is paid on time.

If you have any queries regarding the payment of your rent, contact the managing agent responsible for your property as soon as possible to discuss options available to you. It may be possible to arrange a suitable payment plan by agreement with your managing agent.

If your payment is late:

  • You may be charged interest on your rent—- in accordance with your lease.
  • Bailiffs may be contacted to collect the outstanding amount and any other associated costs. They will explain what your rights as a tenant are and will give you a receipt for any payment you make at that time. If the bailiffs need to visit you again, usually after five days, the sum of money that you owe may be increased. If you do not make a payment at that time, they have a right to remove your goods and sell them at auction.
  • Repossession — if we repossess your premises, we may remove your goods and charge you for storing them, or we will serve you with a "legal notice" to collect your goods within 14 days. We have a right to remove and destroy any of the goods that are not collected. There will also be charges allocated to you for any costs involved.


  • We have a right to take action to repossess the property through the courts.
  • A sequestrian order for rent can be made, involving the court sheriff seizing your goods.
  • Legal proceedings can be initiated through the courts to obtain your unpaid rent.

You must pay rent on time to avoid action being taken against you. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant managing agent appointed to deal with your property.

Published : Friday, October 26, 2012 1:59 PM

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