Corporate Aims and Objectives

LSR believes in providing solid returns for our investors in a fair and open manner and in sustaining the local trading community nationwide. In doing so we aim to:

  • adhere to CSR best practice and to operate fully and openly with our shareholders at all times;
  • achieve appropriate financial returns for our shareholders in line with the Disclosure and Transparency rules alongside our Annual Report which will contain detailed information of the company's activities and agendas;
  • provide full reports of our non-financial agendas which will include social and environmental activities in the community;
  • be a good corporate citizen by adhering to strict trading regulations and ensuring that all communication is clear and accurate;
  • be a good landlord by maintaining a solid asset management network that is customer focused and flexible;
  • operate in an environmentally sound manner and to fully comply with all existing and future legislation, enabling us to improve our environmental performance and impact on the community over time;
  • help to maintain the local trading community, contributing to urban regeneration and the economic and social sustainability of the neighbourhoods in which we operate.

Published : Monday, June 27, 2016 11:28 AM

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